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How To Write A Bangin' Good Job Description

In short, if you want the best volunteers, we can help — but we still need you to create a great job description. Think of job descriptions as blueprints for recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers.

Each job description should start with a succinct, energetic and inspiring description of your charity’s mission and the tools it uses to change the world for the better. Following this, the job description should explain the tasks which need to be completed, as well as the skills and interests required to successfully complete the tasks.

Clarity is key: before you even start recruiting volunteers, make a list of the jobs you want them to perform, and then describe those positions as clearly as you can.

A volunteer job description isn't very different from one that you prepare for a paid employee.

Setting clear expectations will not only help with volunteer performance, but can also help avoid legal issues (see ATO’s advice on paying volunteers).

The Essentials of a Volunteer Job Description

Job Title

A descriptive title gives the volunteer a sense of identity and helps salaried staff and other volunteers understand each particular role. A nicely described, but importantly, accurate job title can greatly assist volunteers in their working careers - an impressive job title is a simple way to reward your volunteers for the hard work that they put into your charity!


Where will the volunteer be working? Can the work be done virtually or at a particular site? Is the location close to public transport? Put yourself in the shoes of the volunteer!

Purpose of the Position

How will the volunteer's work play a part in your charity’s mission? State a tangible connection between their input and how it can positively change the world and specify how it fits within the organisation to make them feel part of your team from the outset.

Responsibilities and Duties

Explain the volunteer position's specific duties and obligations. Say clearly what is expected.

How much time do you expect from the volunteer? Include length of service, hours per week, and hours per day. Include any special requirements such as weekend work.


Be clear and concrete when listing qualifications for any volunteer position - include education, personal characteristics, skills, abilities, and experience required.

State if Police Checks and/or Working With Children Checks are required and whether you’ll assist volunteers in obtaining these.


List what training the volunteer will receive. Include general training that all volunteers require (eg, charity policies), as well as any position-specific training (eg, food handling certificates).


Our friends at Remember The Wild have been generous enough to share a template job description:

Click here for the PDF version.

Click here for the editable Word version.

If you have any specific questions or feedback, or if you simply just want to say hello, please feel free to contact us at!

Want to avoid your desk looking like this? All you need to do is read our article!

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