Goodie is an online platform where meaningful volunteering opportunities are delivered directly to you, all at the click of a button. No more countless hours spent searching through outdated volunteer resources. By simply filling out the Goodie form, you’ll have access to thousands of opportunities. Goodie provides the easiest and most personable way to be connected with volunteering opportunities that actually matter to you.

Why does Goodie exist?

We believe that, if given the right tools and opportunities, Australians would do more good. Our mission is to see all of Australia volunteering, which is why Goodie harnesses the power of technology to break down the barriers to volunteering. Our first step is that we want to see the number of volunteers in Australia reach 10 million by 2025.


Who is Goodie for?

Everyone! Our mission is to enable all Australians to do more good. In particular, we are a volunteering platform led by young people, for young people. So if you’re a young person – particularly a student – looking for volunteering opportunities, then you’re right at home.


How did Goodie come about?

Goodie was conceived on Christmas Eve 2017 by young Australian lawyer and aspiring social entrepreneur, Will Zhong. After witnessing the benevolent efforts of nearby conservation volunteers, coupled with his own difficulties of discovering relevant volunteering opportunities, he was inspired to create a better way to volunteer. With the support of his family, friends, colleagues and fellow co-founders, Goodie was brought to life.


Who are we?

julien-circle (1).png

Co-Founder, Managing Director


Julien is a Lawyer in the media and entertainment industry, reviewing broadcast content for legal risk. Julien has extensive volunteering experience in both the community and professional space in Australia, and also led a volunteering group to China to help build infrastructure in rural communities. These experiences and more are what help Julien lead the Goodie team in bringing a great experience to the community.


Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer


Aman is a Designer with extensive industry successes in print, information and digital design – Aman has helped solve design problems for local businesses all the way up to international brands. Aman’s passion and knowledge of design gives him the right skills to create an experience with Goodie that the world will love.

Where does Goodie sit in the process?

To help us scale and make more of an impact, Goodie acts as an intermediary – meaning it does not employ volunteers, nor does it act as an agent for charities. Goodie simply connects young people with organisations that need them, according to a volunteer's passions, skills and availability – ie, Goodie creates matches made in heaven.


Why Goodie above other options?

Goodie’s unique technology and networks can help you, and organisations that need you, save time and money whilst giving you greater access to thousands of volunteering opportunities.


What makes Goodie different?

The Goodie team prides itself on excellence, which means we have the professional skills and expertise to deliver the best user experience for all involved. We’re also strong believers in using innovative thinking to come up with sustainable business models, which means there are numerous exciting plans in the pipeline for our Goodie community!


Where is Goodie based?

If you’ve read this far, you’ll probably be able to guess that we’re based in Australia! Specifically, our team is currently based in Melbourne and Sydney.

Goodie, I have a question…

We’re always up for a chat! Send us an email at, or reach out via Facebook.